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Eco parquet and Decorator Pvt.Ltd is a private company duly incorporates and registered with government of Nepal, department of industries under the company act being the part of this field from last 20 years, the company has gained the lots of goodwill and has the work experience of 35 years. Eco parquet has brought change in the traditional concept of parquet flooring with using the latest processing technologies. 

Seasoned wood products
Eco parquet offers you hundreds of choices in various styles for every room in your home.Be it your back deck, formal drawing room or the kid's bedroom, Eco parquet is confidence you;ll find what you are looking for right here.
Eco paequet flooring are made from Kiln Dried Wood to a moisture level of 12 to 15%. Timber of the following spices like Laurel(saj), Sesham, Teak, Pine and Eucalyptus(masala) etc are used to manufacture the flooring.
Solid floor planks creates a natural harecter in each room. Almost every hard and softwood are used to produce solid floor plank.