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What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood, conjointly called Indian blackwood or Dalbergia sisso, is a deciduous tree, native to the Indian subcontinent. After teak, it's the foremost vital cultivated timber tree of the geographical region, Pakistan and India which is the largest producer of Sheesham timber. other than timber supply, the tree is planted on roadsides, on canals to provide, natural shade for tea plantations.

Why does Sheesham wood make good furniture?

Sheesham wood contains a lovely irregular grain structure that is incredibly distinctive in look and might be polished to a fine end. The timber itself is robust and sturdy, maintaining its form well throughout handling and construction. Given this strength and density, it's conjointly a perfect material for decorative carvings and might be simply seasoned for future stability.

At Eco Parquet, we've been operating directly with the makers for over a decade, specialising in Sheesham wood. All our timber is sustainably sourced through Government-managed plantations. It's methodically kiln-dried and treated to safeguard its future stability before production begins. every bit of Sheesham is crafted from the dark wood and also the lighter-coloured wood of the tree. A stain is applied to get a uniform tone before the complete piece is waxed by hand to boost its grain. As every bit of piece of furniture is hand finished from a completely natural product, variations in knots, grain particularisation, mineral deposits and minor imperfections might typically occur. These are thought as a part of the distinctiveness and charm of the wood.